Summer Statements | Must Have Trends + Pieces

Summer is in full effect, and it's time to run down some key wardrobe essentials. Cookouts, festivals, day parties and beach retreats are live and jumping. Style Fanatic is here to make sure you are looking you're very best! British based company, Solace London, has you covered. Providing modern futurism balanced with timeless minimalism, Solace... Continue Reading →


Thrifted Goodness

Check out my latest #EverythingThrifted Looked!   Sunnies: I-Wear by Raqui Top + Broaches: Thrift Major Jeans: The Style Fanatic Closet Shoes: $10, Burlington Coat Factory I wanted to create a look that was a little different from my current style. When I purchased this top from Thirft Major, I knew I would make it... Continue Reading →

Sewfabulous Sewing | The Time Consuming Phase

Better late than never... let's catch up! I am currently in Week 5 of my 8 week long sewing class. When I started this project I thought I would have so much glamour and pretty prints to show - I was wrong! We spend so much time with our fabrics turned inside out, the construction... Continue Reading →

Sew Fabulous Sewing | Week 1

Week 1 Patterns + Pinning 8:30AM : Wake Up + Thank the Lord! 9:00AM - 9:30AM : Breakfast + Schedule Update. 10:00AM - 12:00PM : Sew Fabulous Sewing Class. Walking into class excited and eager, I couldn't wait to put the petal to the metal, and get to stitching! ​​ Little did I know, I... Continue Reading →

Sew Fabulous Sewing School!

Lets get stitching! Sew Fabulous Sewing School. When writing down my goals and to-do list for this current month, I focused mainly on building and re-branding my business, as well as getting back to the concept of recycling, reusing and revamping. With the launch, and success (Thank you all!) of the Style Fanatic Closet, I... Continue Reading →

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