Feature of the Month

This month Style Fanatic would like to present our “Feature of the Month”, Hiwote Swann, owner and stylist of PEARLSXDEMONS Vintage Boutique.


We are a lifestyle Brand that exemplifies our confidence, sass, and class through our apparel and stylings.” -Hiwote.

The PEARLSxDEMONS(PxD) Vintage Boutique, opened in the Fall of 2012, located in Jamaica, Queens NY. In the heart of a lively college area, it has become a staple hideaway shop for the chic and thrifty. The shop holds a unique collection of clothing, accessories and styles, specializing in Vintage Apparel. We feature classic pieces ranging from up and coming artists to well-known designers staying true to our eye for the edgy, unique with a diverse sense of the ever-changing fashion realm.

PXD prides itself on having worked with the best of up and coming designers,artists, stylist, photographers and models in the New York City area.We strive to make our Brand run as efficiently as it possibly can. ” -Hiwote.

After meeting and greeting wit Hiwote, Style Fanatic conducted an interview with her, just to get to know her a little more:

Q: How did you get started in the fashion world?

A: I was in the fashion world before I even knew it. My friends and family always told me I had style, but never thought I would actually pursue fashion and fall in love with it. I started really getting involved in Summer 2012. I started styling for friends and STJ (St. John’s University) Students/Alumni for different events and photo shoots they needed help with, which led to my Brand, PEARLSXDEMONS.

Q: What are your four favorite things in your store right now?

A: I love everything in the store! But if I had to pick two things I would say “Rose’s Blouse/Dress” because I love the option of wearing it as a dress if you’re the right height or as a blouse that can match with almost anything! The second item I would have to say is our new couch! It’s super comfy with my favorite floral print, come sit on it!


Q: You’re a boutique owner, but also a stylist; so what tips or advice would you give someone who dresses “safe” and wants to break out of their comfort zone?

A: Break out your comfort zone, fashion has so much to offer! Colors and prints are your friends! Have fun and find out what works for you.

Q: What are your influences when buying for your store?

A: I’m all about individuality and embracing yourself so when I go out I look for one of a kind pieces that catches my eye. Prints and cut outs are my favorite things to grab. There’s nothing better than having an item on that no one else may ever have or wear.

Q: What’s your favorite Fall/Winter trend right now?

A: I’m not a big fan of “Trends” nor do I do research on them too often. I’m to stuck in 60’s and 80’s. I did choose the one I admired the most, over-sized round buttons. Great finishing touch to your jacket or blazer, the buttons can be the accessory to your outfit, very hot!


Below are photos of their vintage boutique and recent stylings





Want more of PEARLSXDEMONS? Check out their website, that will launch in September www.pearlsxdemons.com so stay tuned! http://www.etsy.com/shop/pearlsxdemons | Instagram @PEARLSxDEMONS, Facebook PEARLSxDEMONS and their new twitter page @PxDVintage.

PEARLS x DEMONS is currently looking for interns that have a passion for fashion, are creative and would like a hands on internship. Let this opportunity be yours and apply for our PUBLIC RELATIONS AND EVENT PLANNING INTERNSHIPS! Do you love your unique style? Could you see yourself being a part of the next big thing? We wold love to know what makes you…YOU! Please apply with a cover letter and a resume for our available intern positions. EMAIL IT TO PEARLSXDEMONS@GMAIL.COM WITH “PxD INTERNSHIP: (YOUR NAME)” AS THE SUBJECT LINE. Let your passion drive you and join our team!

170-42 Cedarcroft Rd. Queens, NY 11432

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