The Best Way to Ball on a Budget

Every fashionista and fashionisto wants to be up to date with the latest styles and trends. Wearing Chanel and Vintage Versace is what’s “in” right now.. but at this age, we should really be more concerned with getting the most for our dollar. Thrift shops and consignment shops are on the rise, and yes, I am one to find in the thrift shop… but those aren’t the only places where you can find great deals at the lowest prices.

Clearance racks: Don’t shy away from the sales section. I know we all want that new dress in the display window, but 9 out of 10 times there is a similar dress from last season at a more reasonable price hiding on the rack. Just think, the price you would pay for the full priced dress on display, you could shop the clearance section and score a dress and some cute accessories for the same price.
Real life situation – For the past two months I had been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I could not find the perfect pair at the right price; the pairs that I was finding was either not my style or if they were, they were too expensive. One day at my job (White House Black Market, a store that has higher priced clothing) something told me to take a peek at the sales rack just to see what I could find… and boom! Hiding right in the back, I found the perfect pair of girlfriend jeans for just $26!

Online auctions and stores: For those of us who want to wear those vintage designers, websites such as eBay, etsy, and other online stores ran by fashionistas who travel the world to shop and sell are the key! I love love love eBay for my one of a kind accessories and jewelry. You can find the most unique and cool pieces for less than $3 plus shipping.

Yard Sales and Flee Markets: Although yard sales and flee markets can be “hit or miss” when you hit, best believe it is going to be something so chic! These events are the true definition of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I’ve been to countless yard sales and flee markets and have picked key pieces that I’ve had for years! Furs, jewelry, shoes, crafts for DIY projects and so much more.
The key to getting the most for your buck at flee markets and yard sales is:
1) Only take cash
2) Set a budget (something reasonable, like $50)
3) Negotiate, negotiate! The wonders of these events is that you can bargain and negotiate your way to finding the best deals.

Department Stores: Department stores are definitely the place to go. Their sales and clearance sections are amazing! Burlington Coat Factory, Lord & Taylor and Nordstroms (Nordstroms Rack) are my favorites. Department stores are great for finding designers pieces at low prices. The main reason I love these stores so much is because on the top of the great sales, they are known for sending out coupons and discounts. UTILIZE THOSE COUPONS! I know some may feel “cheap” or whatever else for using coupons, but hey, if they’re handing them out why not use them? Work those sales and discounted items! Lay-a-way is also an option that I turn to a lot. If you find a bag, or a pair of shoes that are a bit pricey, pay them off in increments. It’ll help you better manage your money and you won’t have to worry about someone buying those pieces or them selling out.

So again, clearance racks, sales sections, online auctions and coupons are the best way to “Ball on a Budget”!

These are all outfits that I’ve bought from thrift shops, consignment stores, flee markets or that were purchased on clearance or sales racks.


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