This week’s weather :: Outfit inspiration

This week in the DMV area, the weather has been everywhere and back. From five plus inches of snow to 65 degree weather, back to the snow.. I’m sure this weather has got a lot of fashionistas confused on what to wear! Below are a few ideas of inspiration for those who aren’t sure what to wear.

Look 1) If you have a simple black dress, that is perfect for any weather! Pairing it with a statement blazer and a chunky heeled boot is the way to go for this confusing winter weather. For those who get cold easily, throw your favorite pair of stockings or tights underneath to complete the look.
Look 2) A chic pullover paired with leather leggings (or joggers)  are on trend and great for when the weather is more on the warmer side. If the weather is a bit colder, feel free to throw on a long trench coat or parka jacket. This looks is very great for all types of weather. As far for the shoes, snow permitting, a cute pump would “dress up” your look, but if not, throwing on a combat boot will do this look just fine.
Look 3) For those days when the weather reaches 65 degrees, maybe higher, don’t be afraid to bring out your favorite skirts! A simple tee, paired with a skirt and a pair of knee high (or thigh high boots) are definitely a stylish way to transition into the Spring weather. Paired with a lightweight wrap coat or leather jacket will tie this effortless look together.
Look 4) For my simply chic fashionistas, layering + boyfriend jeans are the way to go! Layer your favorite tees, flannel shirts and a light jacket with a pair of boyfriend/girlfriend jeans will give a comfortable but fashionable look. Pairing just about any shoe will work for this look. Whether it’s a combat boot, heel, platform and flat; this is the most universal and versatile “go-to” look.


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