Men’s Must Haves


Men’s Must Haves!


This post is for my Style Fanatic fellas! For my guys who are wanting to be more up to date and on trend with their wardrobe, here are some key pieces Style Fanatic feels every guy should have in their closet!

The Most Important Piece: A suit!

061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_038 Every guy should have at least three suits in his closet! Suits are needed for every day business attire, from job interviews, to networking soirees and other business and brand related socials. Guys look their best in a well fitting, tailored suit! Shopping stores like Zara and ASOS, you can find the right suit for any occasion.

Tailored/Suit Trousers


For my guys who are not big fans on two piece suits, purchasing a couple of nice pair on tailored trousers will justify just fine. Paired with a crisp button up and a bow-tie to accent, well fitted trousers are a great way to pull off a casual, well put together look.

Loafers and Dress Shoes


This goes without saying.. the shoes make or break an outfit. Although I know my guys out there love their Jordan’s and Nike’s, but sometimes we have to trade in the sneakers for our “Big Boy Shoes.” Not saying you have to give up on all of your sneakers, but for some occasion the perfect loafer with a nice suit or blazer paired with your favorite jeans can really complete the perfect business causal style.



A nice watch, whether inexpensive or top of the line, is a great accessory for every man to have!

Trend ALERT!

The Layering Effect


Layering is not just for the ladies! Pairing your favorite sweater with a denim shirt, vest or jacket topped with a leather bomber or basic trench, you can create the perfect layered look! Avoid clashing colors and aiming for the “HOBO” look.. by using the “less is more” rule, layer with colors that compliment each other, with being very selective on your “pop of color” choices. Denim is a go-to when layering!






I hope this post is useful for all of my Style Fanatic fellas out there!

Did we miss anything in this post? Think your style qualifies you as a Style Fanatic? Contact us now will any feedback, suggestions or submissions! |!


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