What’s In Your Bag?



The Essentials You Need For Your Everyday Travels!

Bag by ROMWE.

Wallet. – Self explanatory. (Coin Purse, $5.)

Tech Savvy Needs:

Portable charger. – What’s the use of a phone if it’s not charged? Perfect for those who catch public transportation! Have your phone and iPods charging while on your commute. (Amazon, $11.99)

Beauty Essentials!

A Lippie & Mascara. – Everyday essentials, no matter the occasion.
(NARS VIP Red Lipstick, $27Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, $26.)
Beauty Bag. – To carry all of your beauty essentials. Foundations, small brushes, concealers, etc… a beauty bag is necessary. (ETSY, $8.)
Facial Wipes. – You never know what your day will entail. Always have wipes handy!
Rollerball Perfume. – Compact and discreet. Carry your favorite fragrance with you at all times. (Victoria Secret, $18)

“The Unmentionables” 

Tampons, sanitary pads, liners, deodorant… basically everything in our bathroom cabinets, we need! lol We don’t usually speak on the topic, but ladies… it’s life. Carrying feminine products is nothing to be ashamed about. Companies make cute packaging for that reason 😉

Miscellaneous Must Haves

Glasses. – For my fellow glasses wearers, even if you wear contacts, always carry them for emergency purposes.
Pens & a Planner. – Journals, planners and small notebooks are great! Perfect for ideas on the go, and planning out future ventures over a cup of tea. Pens… self explanatory as well. Lol (Planner, $20.)


What’s your bag filled with? Tag your photos and post with #StyleFanaticWIYB!


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