What’s New? – Trunk Club!

Hey there Style Fanatics! Just wanted to do a quick, personal check in. Lately I have been doing a lot of readjusting and revamping of my closet over these past two months. With starting the Style Fanatic Closet Depop Market App, I have been able to clean out my closet of all unnecessary clothes, shoes and other accessories; providing me the opportunity to add new pieces and #MustHaves to my wardrobe.

My favorite stylist and close friend, Christen (@_underthec), has recently become an in-house Wardrobe Stylist at the Chicago based styling firm, Trunk Club. Working out of the Washington DC area, she is super convenient and available when needed. As apart of  my #THRIFTY365 Campaign, I am only shopping thrift stores, clearance racks, and other second-hand establishments; Trunk Club is the perfect fit for me! As my stylist, Christen gets to show off her stylish skills, while I get new pieces to blog and talk about, and the best part about this service is that I get to try new pieces without spending a dime – unless I am super in love with a piece, or pieces she sends, then I am able to keep and purchase the item at a discounted price! How lovely is this?

My first trunk is on it’s way now! Stay tuned to see how my stylist gets me #SophisticatedChic approved!

Stay Stylish,
– T. Lee


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