Monday’s Thrifting Tip

Hey there Style Fanatics! As we all know, this upcoming Saturday is the Style Fanatic & Friends Thrifting Session! Hope to see you all there, we are very excited!

To kick off the week we decided to do a segment called “Top 5 Thrifting Tips” where each day we will drop  thrifting jewels on you guys to help you better prepare for this weekend’s event. Many people are lost and confused when it comes to the art of thrift store shopping – but Style Fanatic is here to help!


To start off our Tips and Tricks, Monday’s tip is “Know what time to go!

Morning are always best. Hot items and new donations have just hit the floor – along with pieces that others tried to hide. As some of you may have experienced, thrift store shopping can sometimes be hit-or-miss. but you’re always guaranteed first dibs early in the am!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip!

Also, be sure to follow us on Snapchat as we browse different thrift stores throughout the week to give a few tips and pointers on how to spot the perfect finds. Snapchat – @TonaeLee

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for Saturday’s event, if you have not already! TICKETS ON SALE UNTIL FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23!




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