December is always a great month! Spirits are high, people are cheerful and happy hours are poppin ✨ With everything going on, it’s nice to get out and socialize with other creative minds and individuals. A few of our favorite girlies are hosting some hot gatherings. Here are a couple of events to attend in the upcoming weeks!

[DEC. 3]

Hang out with our favorite duo, TheHippyJunkies! It’s always a good time with these two • Pull Up. Check out their networking mixer we attended last month – The Hippie Mixer 

[Dec. 17]

MARZ MODELS IS NOW LIVE! The newly renowned management and consulting agency prides theirselves on building confidence and changing lives. Managing the careers and brands of a network of models, designers, make up artist, and photographers bridging that gap between the client and their future aspirations. Curated by Towson Alumni, Jasmine Green, MARZ is building a modeling empire to change the fashion game.

V I B E. N E T W O R K. C E L E B R A T E.

Light refreshments, wine, live performances, networking, interviews, meet and greet with #MARZMODELS and more.




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