Style Fanatic Presents: Style Break

With the New Year upon us, Style Fanatic wants to be as interactive and engaged with you all as much as possible! Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and all of these other social media platforms have made this process so much easier. With the live stream and podcast options, it’s much more convenient to talk and exchange ideas with readers and the audience.

Monday, January 9th we presented a new segment to our followers called “Style Break” where Style Fanatic’s conducted a live stream via our lead stylist, Tonae’ Lee’s Instagram! The live stream lasted about 45 minutes and was a great experience – especially for our first time. We thank everyone who tuned in and participated in the conversation! The “Style Break” segment will be a bi-weekly live stream for the remainder of the year. Our next live stream will be Monday, January 23 at 1:00pm! Be sure you are following Tonae’s Instagram (@TonaeLee)

January 9  “Style Break” Wrap-Up!

Golden Globe Favorites:
image-1Kerry Washington, SJP, Janelle Monae, Jessica Biel + Tracee Ellis Ross.

Current Must Haves:
Bomber Jackets. (B.Fly Apparel)
Pair with: Wide-legged trousers + Velvet Mini Dresses

gucci-metallic-gold-loafersMetallic Loafers

m0qfg8pwwsfud3bso8yz2xuwunergnrj-34Platform Boots.
Versatile + Comfortable

il_570xn-1044655570_671rChunky + Oversized Scarves


Sewing Machines are great for alterations + customizing clothing!

Business Cards + “Thank You Cards
s1045917_sc7Book of the Month:

TOP 2017 GOAL:
“Becoming a full-time entrepreneur!”

Shoutouts + Brands we love!
Stylist United. Thrift Major. Black Girl Bosses. Pink Plastic Babez. Kween Klarke.

Accepting New Clients!
Style Fanatic is accepting new clients for the month of February! Secure your spot now, until January 21st.
Personal shopping. Editorial Wardrobe Styling. Clothing rentals. Thrifting Sessions. Creative + Art Directing.

Stay tuned for our next live stream:  Monday, January 23, 2017!


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