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KEY POINTS: 20 Things You Should Stop Wasting Your Time Doing In Your 20s

Talking about improving your life but never doing anything about it. Write a list, prioritize the shit you need to get done to reach your goals and set a deadline. Hold yourself accountable and if you’re incapable of holding yourself accountable then find someone in your life who will. Force yourself to do things in a certain amount of time or else you will never accomplish anything.

Never leaving your comfort zone. The comfort zone is the place dreams go to die because nothing great ever happens in there. Things are protected and safe, there’s no room for failure and growth and change. Leave your comfort zone, fail, live, learn, then pick yourself up and do it again until you stop failing and start becoming successful.

Keeping your life cluttered. All these ‘just incase’ reasons you tell yourself are bullshit. They’re a way for you to hold onto things you’ve got no business holding on to. When was the last time you wore those jeans? Freshman year of college? Donate them already. Stop hanging onto old possessions, ‘just incase.’ Keeping all this extra clutter will do nothing for you other than clutter your mind.

Doing things out of obligation. You aren’t obligating to do anything. Don’t say yes when you want more than anything to say no. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want just because someone is making you feel bad about not doing it. You don’t need to go hangout with friends you don’t like just because you haven’t seen them in a while. Set your lines and don’t let anyone force you to cross them. You’re in control of your life, no one else is.

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