Sew Fabulous Sewing School!

Lets get stitching!

Sew Fabulous Sewing School.

When writing down my goals and to-do list for this current month, I focused mainly on building and re-branding my business, as well as getting back to the concept of recycling, reusing and revamping. With the launch, and success (Thank you all!) of the Style Fanatic Closet, I wanted to stay true to the Style Fanatic Brand but also come with some new flavor!

I recently posted an article about a Toronto designer who stepped outside the box for his city's Fashion Week. Check out the post here - He definitely got me thinking about fashion and re-purposing in a totally different light!
The Intro.

This past Christmas, I was gifted a brand new sewing machine, Singer, to be exact. I was elated! I knew then, that was my spark to take my career in this industry to the next level. My very first project on my machine was done February of this year – let’s just say, it was definitely a learning experience. Trying to imitate the tailoring gurus and experts on Youtube were not only confusing me, but were hurting my actual sewing technique. It took me 2 weeks to create one pair of wide-leg, elastic waist band pants – NEVER AGAIN! Although they weren’t the best, on the bright side they served their purpose. I was able to style them with custom Khemistry Designs, to create this golden look for the #MARZModels February Lookbook!

Not too shabby.

Knowing I could use some touching up on my technique and overall basic sewing skills, I decided to enroll in one of the 8 week Intermediate Class at Sew Fabulous Sewing School, owned and taught by the lovely Mrs. Margaret Garland. I’m super excited and anxious – I can’t wait to see what these next two months unfold!

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