Sewfabulous Sewing | The Time Consuming Phase

Better late than never… let’s catch up!

I am currently in Week 5 of my 8 week long sewing class. When I started this project I thought I would have so much glamour and pretty prints to show – I was wrong! We spend so much time with our fabrics turned inside out, the construction and neatness of the inside becomes most important. At that point, I knew that this was far from a glamourous process. From sticking myself with the same needle 20 times, to cutting my finger on razor sharp sheers – I have a whole new respect and admiration for seamstress and tailors. You guys rock!

Week 2 + 3

Cutting + Tracing

For my last sewing project, I made a pair of pants using only a pair of old wide-legged jeans, an elastic waist band, and some guidance from other self-taught stylish seamstress on YouTube. The whole process of making pieces from patterns was second nature, and very confusing – BUT with the help of Miss Margaret I was able to get it done!

Last week, my homework was to purchase a lightweight, non stretch cotton fabric to use for the lining of my dress. The metallic material (used for the exterior) is a bit heavy, and may cause me to become hot, causing the dress to stick to my skin. We do not need that during these coming summer days!

Cutting was the first step of the process. After pinning and securing the pattern to the inside of the fabric, the next step was to cut the pattern according to my size measurements and match the corresponding number units on the pattern piece. In my case, my measurements pair with the number unit 10 on the pattern. Easy enough.

I was working with six (6) pieces of pattern to create my dress. I had to be sure every piece that I cut out was copied into an exact match from my liner fabric. This part was a breeze.


Week 4 + 5

Darting + Sewing

Focus and patience were my major keys when performing this tedious process of sewing all of the dart angels I traced during last week’s class // This pattern required almost 20 darts… of course. I had a ways to go.

During class time, I was only able to complete the top, back portion of my dress. I knew this would be a time consuming task – I definitely had some homework to do.

Check back next week for more updates and pictures!



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