Thrifted Goodness

Check out my latest #EverythingThrifted Looked!


Sunnies: I-Wear by Raqui
Top + Broaches: Thrift Major
Jeans: The Style Fanatic Closet
Shoes: $10, Burlington Coat Factory

I wanted to create a look that was a little different from my current style. When I purchased this top from Thirft Major, I knew I would make it the statement piece of my look – little did I know, my sunglasses would steal the show! I’ve recently been on a “Closet Recycle + Reuse” binge, striving to utilize my current pieces as much as possible. I’ve had these rose gold, metallic pumps for almost three (3) years now and only worn them once… the jeans and broach accessories were purchased last year, and I thought pairing the two would create a cool vibe – adding to the dramatics of my top. My sunnies were purchased at the Sophisticated Chic Summer Solstice Pop Up Event (You know I had to support my local small businesses!) I lved how the shades complimented the beaded top. Overall, this look was definitely a head turner. #MissionAccomplished.


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