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While perusing through the hashtag #style on Instagram, I came across the pictures of a previous schoolmate of mine, Brittany Byrd (@BrittanyMByrd). Her West Coast, laid back vibe and persona has always caught my eye, and I knew she would be perfect to spotlight as a Style Fanatic!


Originally from LA, Brittany moved to the East Coast at 18 to attend St. Johns University in New York, majoring in communications. A very last minute decision, Brittany original planned to attend USC and play college basketball. While at St. John’s, Brittany was not in love with the teaching curriculum and the location of the school, so to explore her more “creative and artsy side” she decided to transfer to Parsons Design school. Now majoring in Strategic Design and management, Brittany says she absolutely loves it!

Style Fanatic had a few questions for Miss Brittany regarding her love for the industry, what she has concurred so far and where she finds herself in the future.


How are you are involved with the fashion industry and how did you get your start on this path you are embarking on?
“As far as fashion goes I’ve been interning in the industry since I was about 15. I got an internship with a local designer in downtown Los Angeles where I got to see the ins and outs of how a company works. I then interned for the owner of Joie and Joe jeans and helped start a denim company called A.N.D which is now in major retailers such as Bergdorfs and Bloomingdales.”

She continues on with explaining how she was very hands on with the A.N.D brand, which stands for “A new denim”. Tasks including fetching the denim after being imported from places such as Japan, transporting product the factories, and handling overall production of the brand. She really helped mold the company. All this being done while under the contemporary brand, Aiko.

Asked her “specific” title in the industry, Brittany responded by saying she’s involved in almost every aspect of her projects, from marketing to designing, stylist and creative directing.


Having experience in both styling magazine editorials and celebrity wardrobe styling, Brittany says she really enjoys editorial styling the most due to the creative process and her enjoyment in making mood boards to send out.


Your ultimate goal in this industry?
“I can’t say I have an ultimate goal, because everyday I learn something new and have a million interest in things I’m just ready for the ride whatever happens.”

 Brittany talks about networking and maintaining great relationships with colleges and peers!
“Networking is extremely important in the fashion industry. I kept a great relationship with one of my professors at Parsons, next thing I knew I was shadowing the design team at Marc Jacobs.”
Who would you consider an inspiration in your field of work?
“A big inspiration in my field would have to be Carine Roitfeld for her amazing visuals, innovative ideas, majestic images and production that goes into her magazine CR Fashion Book are amazing.”
Brittany goes on to also mention Gwen Stefani, Christine Centenera and Alexander McQueen as other figures of inspiration.
What has been your favorite project/shoot to work on?
“One of my favorite shoots would have to be when I was one of the fashion directors for Kode Magazine and creative directed a shoot for Dawn Richards as Grace Jones, the vision was executed perfectly.”
Do you have any current projects in the works?
 “Currently I am putting a lot of energy into my marketing group LEGO nyc. It’s named after actual Lego’s but the founder name was inspired because we collectively and creatively build on the culture.”

“Also I just started designing for Nick Young, who has a line in the works, so that should be really exciting.”
Where do you hope to see yourself and career about five years from now?
“Ahh, Good Question in about 5 years I want to be well traveled, hopefully fluent in french by then. I’ve been picking it up on and off for a year now. Most likely living between New York and LA… Overall just happy, living my dreams, respecting the past but mixing it up to creating something subtly familiar and new. I would love to collaborate with Riccardo Tisci and DONDA. I just want to keep absorbing knowledge, keep collaborating, keep creating using my resources.
“I know for sure I want to visit Japan, I’ve always been interested in their style and culture.”
“I don’t quite have an end goal yet, I’m just working my ass off doing what I love!”
Johnny Wujek
   The journey begins with you its just about far you want to take it.
From her non-stop grind, entrepreneurial spirit and great style sense, Brittany is definitely a true Style Fanatic!
“One thing for sure I just want to inspire others and be known for my personal style.”

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